Rollflex LED

Rollflex LED luminaires for photo and video applications by Falcon Eyes and Linkstar

Welcome to our category "Rollflex LED"! Here you will find high-quality luminaires from the renowned brands Falcon Eyes and Linkstar, specially developed for the photo and video sector. Our Rollflex LED products are characterised by their impressive light quality and versatility, which optimally support you in your creative projects.


High light quality and flexibility

The Rollflex LED luminaires offer impressive light quality with accurate colour rendering and outstanding brightness. Thanks to their flexible nature, you can shape and adjust the light to suit your needs and create the ambience you want. Whether you're shooting professional photography or high-quality video production, these luminaires give you the flexibility you need to create the perfect lighting setup.

Energy-efficient and long-lasting

Our Rollflex LED luminaires impress not only with their performance, but also with their energy efficiency. Thanks to state-of-the-art LED technology, they consume little power and thus contribute to sustainable operation. In addition, the LEDs are long-lasting, so you will enjoy your luminaires for a long time without having to make frequent replacements.

Various application possibilities

The Rollflex LED luminaires from Falcon Eyes and Linkstar are extremely versatile. They are not only suitable for professional studios, but also for use on location, for outdoor shoots or in home studios. Whether portrait photography, product photography or video shooting - with our Rollflex LED lights you are perfectly equipped.

Excellent brand quality

As an authorised dealer for Falcon Eyes and Linkstar, we can guarantee you the original Rollflex LED lights with the best brand quality. These brands stand for decades of experience in the photography and video industry, which is reflected in the quality and reliability of their products. With us, you get the security of a genuine investment in high-quality lighting technology.

Discover the Rollflex LED category

Dive into our Rollflex LED category now and discover the wide range of high-quality luminaires from Falcon Eyes and Linkstar. Our range includes different sizes and wattages to ensure you find the perfect solution for your needs. Invest in high quality lighting for your photographic and videographic projects and put your subjects in the perfect light!

Please note that our Rollflex LED luminaires are specialised lighting for photographic and video use and are not residential luminaires. If you have any questions about our products or need assistance with your selection, our experts will be happy to help.

Discover the world of Rollflex LED luminaires at Mediaresort!

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