Continuous Lighting

Permanent light at Mediaresort

Welcome to the world of continuous light at Mediaresort! Continuous light is an essential tool for photographers and videographers, providing a constant source of light to create the perfect image or video. Unlike flash, which produces a short burst of light, continuous light, as the name suggests, stays on constantly and gives the photographer or videographer greater control over the lighting.


Our continuous light product categories

  • LED light: Energy-saving and long-lasting LED lights for clear and bright illumination.
  • Ringlight: Ideal for portrait photography and vlogging, provides even lighting and reduces shadows.
  • Rollflex LED: Flexible LED panels that easily adapt to different shapes.
  • Daylight lamps: Lamps that simulate natural daylight, perfect for studio shots.
  • Accessories: A selection of useful accessories to enhance your continuous lighting experience.

Why choose continuous light?

Continuous light offers many advantages over other forms of lighting. It allows you to instantly preview the final image, as you can see exactly how the light will affect your subject. This is particularly useful for beginners learning the basics of lighting. In addition, continuous light is often softer and more even, resulting in more natural-looking photos.

Top brands at Mediaresort

We are proud to offer a wide range of continuous light products from top brands such as Falcon Eyes. Whether you're a professional or a beginner, we have the perfect continuous light product to suit your needs.



Discover the impressive selection of continuous lighting products at Mediaresort and take your photography and video projects to the next level. With our high-quality selection and expertise, you'll be well equipped to create stunning images and videos.

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